Next up…chocolate chip cookies

My chocolate taste-testing has sparked my desire for chocolate chip cookies.  My quest for the best recipe has been years in the making.  Along with my sister, I’ve attempted and reattempted any number of recipes with varied success.  Cookies are hard!  The weather, the oven, and of course the recipe all impact the result.  I’ve baked the same recipe using the same ingredients in the same oven and gotten different results.  The temperature of the ingredients, specifically the butter and eggs matters.  The temperature of the dough matters.  (See a great NY Times article about that here.)  And, the bridge that led me here…the chocolate matters.  That brings me to my upcoming plan.  I’m doing a chocolate chip cookie throwdown of my very own, and yes, that’s the link to Bobby Flay’s recipe, who, btw, recommends Callebaut chocolate, another one to add to my taste test list.  The contestants will be Nestle, Alton Brown’s Chewy Chocolate Chip,  The NY Times adaptation of Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip, Smitten Kitchen’s Crispy Chewy Chocolate Chip, Baking Bites’ Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies “The Best Chocolate Chip” from The Domestic Gourmet, who although she proclaims she “is no baker,” has a recipe from Williams Sonoma Comfort Foods that includes the option of honey or maple syrup which piqued my interest, Williams Sonoma from my cookbook and finally, The Treats Truck from my cookbook.  That’s 10 recipes – yikes!  And don’t think I don’t feel negligent for leaving out Betty Crocker and Mrs. Fields.  Maybe I’ll have to trim this first one to 6 with a plan for a second contest including the other 6.  I need to think about the bigger picture for this one, but for tonight, I just need to choose which recipe to start with.  Due to a lack of bread flour, Alton and Jacques are out for tonight, and I’m not willing to refrigerate anything overnight today because I want to eat the fruits of my labor immediately, so that rules out The Domestic Gourmet tonight too.

PS – once the foundation of traditional chocolate chip cookies is finished, I’ll move on to oatmeal chocolate chip and other variations!


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