Cookie Monster

When I first began the chocolate-chip cookie phase of my baking experiment, I was unsure how to narrow down my recipes.  Ultimately, I decided to begin with the ones that were most basic and similar to each other, to compare the subtle differences.  Following that, I will branch out into more noticeable differences (like the one that includes maple syrup!)  The first recipe I tried was Baking Bites Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.  It was easy, fast, and yielded 21 delicious chewy cookies.  I noticed they were a little salty, which my tasting partner liked as he enjoys the contrast of salt and sweet.  They didn’t change color much during baking, and thus the timing was a little difficult to gauge.  We overcooked the first batch at 17 minutes and ended up with really crunchy cookies.  The subsequent batches have been in for only 15 minutes and now the cookies are chewy and gooey and delicious!  I scooped out the entire batch and flash froze them, cooking only 2 at a time.  I did notice later batches are sweeter (likely due to the brown sugar caramelizing more) and my 60% dark chocolate chips now seem a little too dark, whereas the first night they were perfect.  Interesting…

The second recipe I tried was good old Nestle Tollhouse.  These are thinner and much more buttery than the first batch, and equally delicious.  Though I can identify distinct differences between them, I’d be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  These I rolled into a log and refrigerated overnight (after baking the first few to taste,) then sliced them off and froze them.  They’re nice because they only bake for 9 minutes, even out of the freezer.  Near instant gratification!

Next, I’m hitting the books – can’t wait to see what The Treats Truck Chocolate Chippers taste like!


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