Avocado Lime Muffins

Though turning on the oven during this insane heat wave makes me question my own sanity, I am still baking.  And while we’re slowly marching through all of the chocolate chip cookie dough still in the freezer, lately I’ve been inspired to work with citrus.

(Quick aside – I tried the Alton Brown cookies using parchment paper on 350 for 10 minutes last night.  They spread less than on the silpat.)

So before I begin whipping up any additional batches of cookies, I spent some time surfing the net (while sitting in my a/c) looking for something new and interesting to try with limes.  Lo and behold!  I found the cool, creamy, citrusy antidote to this muggy holiday weekend – Avocado Lime Muffins!

I followed the recipe exactly with only one exception.  Using avocados as the fat in the muffin is new to me.  No other butter or oil, just avocado and milk (ok, two exceptions – the recipe called for skim milk, but since we are dairy-free, I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk.)  I read that someone substituted 1/4 cup of olive oil for the egg yolk, but my last olive oil muffin experience wasn’t great.  My florentine muffins felt heavy and greasy, so I opted to stick with the egg.  The big change I made was that I felt compelled to test out 3 different sizes to gauge the impact of the avocado on the texture of the muffins.  The recipe yielded 6 muffin tops, 12 mini-muffins, and 2 regular size muffins.

The regular ones looked and tasted the best.  They were the puffiest (they were also the only ones I filled to the top) and have the best density.  The little guys and the tops are too chewy, bordering on rubbery in spite of my care to just barely incorporate my dry ingredients.  The regular size muffins aren’t rubbery, but they are chewy and sticky.  They are more cupcake than muffin. As for flavor, they are very limey, which I like.  My tasting buddy thinks the avocado flavor is lost to the lime.  I shared with my friend that the original recipe calls for avocado icing, but I opted not to make it since with it’s 5-5 1/2 cups of confectioners sugar, it is more caloric than the muffins themselves!  My buddy suggested just spreading some mashed avocado on top, which I think might work if I boiled them in the simple syrup as the recipe suggests to prevent them from turning brown.  All told, I’m not sure I’d make these again.  I like the idea of a healthy fat source.  I LOVE the green color.  (I had thoughts of using avocado to make pistachio cupcakes or muffins just for the hue.)  But the texture doesn’t really work for me.

I’ve thrown the extras into the freezer to see how they hold up to reheating.  Next time I have a hankering for citrus, I plan to try the Tangy Tuscan Lime Muffin recipe I found, but with a plan to sub out Greek yogurt for the ricotta cheese for a savory and healthy twist.


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